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It appears that in my absence a fair amount of you have changed your Tumblr URL, and then a few more have changed your icon (a small percentage of you doing both) which has left me a tad confused. And so, what I am trying to say, or rather what I am trying to ask, is WHO THE HELL ARE SOME OF YOU PEOPLE!?

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Wow, it’s been a while since I have done the Tumblr thing. Sorry about that, adoring fans*, but I am back now. Well, not back back; I might still run off and join the circus, but for now I am here. You are welcome. Alternatively, I am sorry - take my reappearance however you wish.

 *Please note that when I say ‘adoring fans’ I do in fact mean my very few, but wonderful, followers who may or may not adore me. And whether they are a device used for cooling people down with the aid of rotating blades is none of my business. 

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